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YSKG 1270*2800 2 color flexo printing slotting&rotary die cutting machine

Video of machine:

.Use and performance

1.The whole machine electrical appliances adopt famous brand.

2.40Cr shaving is used for the gear of the machine.

3.All axes are treated with chromium plating to enhance the surface hardness.

4.Module design, any combination of multicolor printing unit.

.Main mechanical functions configuration and technical parameters

Paper feeding department

A.Front separated edge feeding system.

1.Three axis front feed, increase the flow of fans, to maintain high speed, low speed paper feeding accuracy, the smallest paper width 350mm.

2.Adjust the air flow and pressure in 4 sections to match the size of the board.

3.Positioning by the front baffle to reduce feed errors, improve paper feeding, printing and die-cutting precision.

4.Electric control of left and right baffle.

5.Electric control of rear supporting board moving front and back.

6.Front paper baffle clearance adjusted by manual.

7.Equiped with continuous and intermittent paper feeding function. (optional or continuous feed) as required.

B.Upper and lower roll

1.Upper roller:The outside diameter is 155mm,wear resistant rubber on the surface of steel pipe.

2.Lower roller: the outer diameter of the 155mm paper feeding roller surface embossed plated hard.

3.Feeding pressure roller adjustment gap manual adjustment, adjustment range 0-12mm.

4.The power transmission of the pressure roller is driven by the rolling cross coupling, which reduces the abrasion and makes the transmission more balanced.

5.Machine clutch, accompanied by sirens, continue to ring the alarm when traveling, to ensure the safety of operators.

6.The driving shaft is provided with a friction type clutch to avoid the misoperation and damage to the machine.

7.The main motor is equipped with protection device (not start machine locking when the host is unable to turn the shipment).

8.The general carton use automatic zeroing device, try printing 1 to 2 pieces of cardboard can be adjusted to the correct position, reduce cardboard waste.

Printing department

A.Printing roller

1.The outer diameter is 395.6mm (with diameter of 410mm).

2.High quality steel, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

3.Scroll hanging version, using the right and left sides of the locking device, so that the more accurate version of the hanging.

4.Full version of hanging plate hook, adopt 9mm hanging bar.

5.Loading and unloading printing board, foot switch electric control forward and reverse.

B.Printing press roller

1.The outside diameter is 155mm

2.Steel pipe surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

3.The pressure roller gap is adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 0-12mm.

C.The metal roller (customized according to customer demand for the mesh) (higher than 250 mesh ,optional ceramic roller)

1.The outside diameter is 215mm.

2.The surface of the steel pipe is made of advanced chromium plating process.

3.Dot consistent, ink uniform.

4.Prolong the service life of printing plate and rubber roller.

5.The anilox roller clearance is adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 0-12mm.

D.Rubber roller

1.Uniform ink roller, coated with wear-resistant rubber, rubber roller high parabolic type, to compensate for the force deformation, improve the effect of inking. Rubber for the butyl rubber, shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, through the special effect of good polish ink. The rubber roller is driven by the motor when the machine is stopped.

2.The outside diameter is 205mm

3.The rubber roller clearance is adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 0-12mm.

E.Phase adjusting mechanism

1.Planetary gear structure.

2.The printing phase is controlled by computer and electric digital control (360 degrees)

3.The transverse direction of the printing roller is adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 5mm.

4.The printing plate roller uses the electric adjustment phase, to return to zero and the edition speed is quick, adjusts the edition precision to be high.

F.Paper feeding roller

1.Paper feeding upper roller, outer diameter of 86mm, high quality steel plated hard chromium with four guide wheel diameter of 125mm.

2.Paper feeding lower roller, outer diameter is 155mm, guide paper roll plating hard chromium.

3.The guide roll gap is adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 0-12mm.

G.Ink circulation structure

1.Pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink stability, simple operation and maintenance.

2.Ink filter,Filter impurities

H. Printing roller phase fixing device

1.Adopt pneumatic brake mechanism. When the unit is used for separating and adjusting the phase or cleaning, the brake mechanism limits the gear to rotate, and the fixed position of the original gear position is maintained.

Slotting department

1. press wheel, after the pre-pressed line of the cardboard will not easy to break.

2. single axis double knife slotting, the box height adjustment adopts electric adjustment, without PLC control.

3. slotting phase using digital input 360 degrees adjustment, stop and operation can be adjusted.

4. slotting knife holder and press line wheel lateral movement adopts synchronous electric adjustment.

5. adjust the pressure line gap by manual adjustment, adjust the range of 0-12mm.

6. slotting cutter box high adjustment, lateral adjustment are equipped with anti-collision protection device.

7. slotting knife width 7mm, alloy material, after heat treatment, grinding, tooth slotting knife, double blade trimming knife, knife edge is sharp.

Die cutting department

A. Rubber pad roller

1.The outer diameter of the rubber pad roller is 388.9mm.

2.Rubber pad roller for high quality steel, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

3.Rubber pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm.

4.The adjustment of the gap between the pad roller and the cutter roller adopts manual adjustment, and the adjustment range is 0-16mm.

5.Automatic compensation structure of rubber pad roller, automatic control of pad roll speed.

6.Rubber pad roll cutting flat structure, keep the pad roll.

7.The rubber pad roller adopts the 1:900 engine crankshaft rotation conversion to 30mm swimming transverse structure.

8.balance correction, increase operation stability.

B.Die cutting roller

1.Die roll 360mm.

2.The die roller is of high quality steel, the surface is grinded, hard chromium plating.

3.Dynamic balance correction, increased operating stability.

4.Die fixed screw hole spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 12, screw hole M10.

5.Application of line height 22.60mm

6.Wood template thickness 13mm, blade height 25.4mm.

7.The cutter roller adopts manual adjustment, the adjustment range is 10mm

C.Die cutting phase adjusting mechanism planetary gear type structure.

1.Die cutting phase using the computer and electric digital control 360 degree adjustment (run, stop can be adjusted).

2.Press line wheel clearance manual adjustment, adjust the scope of 1-12mm, using the cross slider mechanism, adjust the transmission gear always ensure the correct meshing state.

3.Bottom cutter uses the international brand rubber pad.

三.Technical parameter


Machine size




Max paper size


1200X2600Continuous paper

3 speed




Min paper size




Skipping feeding size




Max printing area




Wall plate thickness




Feeding  precision




overprint accuracy(2/3/4color)




Slotting precision




Die cutting precision




Printing roller diameter


410include printing plate


Total power(2/3/4color)