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QYHX-2300A Type High Speed Folder Gluer Machine

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二、Product Introduction

QYHX-2300A Type high speed folder gluer machine can be used for pasting and forming of AA, AB, two pieces molding boxes and single piece molding boxes. The model can replace the manual glue box in the actual production, and reduces the labor intensity; compared with the traditional semi-automatic folder gluer machine, this model can save labor. Because of the different working methods, compared with the above two kinds of carton forming process, it can greatly improve the quality of the products.

三、Main technical features

1.The machine adopts frequency control, PLC centralized control and ADC analog to digital conversion, and is equipped with high speed clutch. Accurate operation control.

2.The machine has an independent paper feeding system, which is equipped with strong suction and paper feeding. It can be used to transport double sheets and single sheets of paper.

3.When the machine is used for making two pieces cardboard forming, the two sheets of paper can be coated with glue in the dynamic condition, and the four sides are positioned together. The utility model has the advantages of good accuracy and high accuracy. After the two pieces are combined, the folding forming part of the utility model can be manually folded. At the same time, the problems caused by the cross of the indentation line and the corrugated line due to the indentation of the carton can be corrected manually so as to complete the final forming. This machine only  two people can operate.

四、Machine parameters and configuration list

1Machine parameters

Feeding size: Max 1150*850  Min 450*330

Applicable paper range: A-E corrugated and less than 6mm corrugated board

Design speed: 0-86m/min

DimensionsL*W*H 3550*3180*1250

Heating power:           1.25KW

Total power 6.0KW

2configuration list

QYHX-2300A folder gluer

Components and parts



French schneider


French schneiderTaiwan Tiande

Frequency converter

Taiwan Delta, Julian


Japan Omron

Touch screen

Japan Omron


Japan Omron,Taiwan Delta,

Key position bearing

England FKG



Main motor

Shanghai Saini


Taiwan Chengbang(CPg)


Xiamen JingyanSino German joint venture

Suction belt

Swiss Rui Baolong

Press belt

German siegling

Transportation belt

German siegling

五、Installation and operation notes

1Installation and wiring

1.1 The machine weight 2.2T, the ground requirements are not high, 10cm thick cement ground ok, but requires relatively good surface roughness.

1.2 When the machine is installed, the driving surface should keep about 1m distance from the wall for operation and routine maintenance

1.3The input power of this machine is 380V AC power, with zero line and ground wire. Please wiring according to the circuit diagram. Always install ground wire!!!


The machine must enter the pressure of more than 0.6MPa, then can operation, check the machine's various movements and functions are normal. Turn on the power system, open the power switch on the left side of the box, the power switch on the button board, press the start button, the running button, the fan switch, then the machine can work. Input the length of the paper and the single and double pieces all can be input on the touch screen.

1.5The temperature controller is a controller that heats the hot melt adhesive. When it is working normally, the temperature is set and the automatic mode is used for the work. If you go to work the next day, you can advance artificial heating, you can also use automatic settings for advanced heating.

2operation notes

2.1 The machine must run after before the glue melts

2.2 According to the paper size and thickness to adjust the side gauge, the suction belt position and the feeding knife pressure to ensure continuity and stability of the paper feed.

2.3 Turn on the fan, transfer the paper into the intermediate feeding section, then adjust the position of the conveyor belt according to the size of the paper, then adjust the back paper gauge and the side paper pushing gauge.

2.4 Fill the glue in the bucket, adjust the amount of glue control button according to the performance of the glue and the property of the paper, so that it can reach the amount of glue needed for the work.

3.daily maintenance

3.1 Each link mechanism shall be regularly lubricated with lubricating oil

3.2 The bearing lubricating grease regularly.

3.3 Hot paste barrel bearings need to be filled with high temperature grease (high temperature at 250 degrees Celsius).

3.4 Wipe the machine regularly, especially before adjusting the middle part of the feed, wipe the six shafts and the optical axis, so as not to dust accumulation, affect the adjustment.

3.5 Clean the cold paste barrel regularly.