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(Servo)Semi-automaticHigh Platform LiftingLaminator Machine Configuration

Video of Machine:

Introduction :

The machine adopts bottom adsorption auto feeding system, the surface paper can be stacked 1.5 m height, auto lifting, eliminating the trouble of frequent transporting surface paper. Paper feeding is more easily, easier to add the bottom paper with more efficient. Suitable for the pasting of colorful printing paper and corrugated paper, colorful paper and gray cardboard .

Main electric elements configurations:

full computer touching screen control, Panasonic PLC, the INVT servo drive motor. The host pressure transmission are all Delta frequency converter control, automatic control glue feeding, alarm if no glue, count, alarm when count reaches (the setting number).


chain wheel and synchronous wheel are through high-frequency quenching . The synchronous belt and synchronous wheel are the products of Xiamen joint venture . Positioning belt adopts Italy technology ; host pressure transmission, frequency control adopt Delta brand, the conveyor belt of Italian technology.

The new servo laminator total Length: 9.8 m, which host 4m length, 5m length for pressure transmission , paper receiving table 0.8m length , 28 pieces pressure output axle , 8 pieces positioning belt , 3 synchronous wheels, 1 synchronous belt.

Main feature:

1. Surface paper can be stacked 1.5 m height in one time, the paper pile is auto lifting in feeding process, making the feeding more easily, and more efficiently.

2. The bottom paper adopts suction type auto feeding, can automatic tracking according to the speed of manual feeding surface paper .

3. The new concept of former regulation positioning, high positioning accuracy, the bottom paper never ahead of surface paper ; the advance volume of surface paper is adjustable;.

4. The machine uses touching screen / PLC control system, circuit system runs stably , and can automatically display fault alarm;

5.Automatic glue supplement system, it can automatically supply the loss glue in laminating process , and coordinate glue recycling, avoiding to waste glue;

6. The line speed of glue roll is with scientific design, to ensure the uniform amount of glue , in the mean time to avoid glue thrown when in high-speed operation;.

7.Using glue roller cleaning, the lower roller clean thoroughly, make the back of corrugated paper not pasted glue , eliminating the trouble of frequent replacing the blade ;

8. Floating type movable table, to ensure that corrugated will not be crushed after laminating, it also ensures the smooth straight of paperboard;

9. Cleaning water supply adopts independent tank to control water circulation type, washing cleaning, easy to accumulate plastic;

10.Roll pressure is adjusted in single side, when replacing the bottom sheet size, simply shake to the required scale in single side, without the need to test the pressure of each roll, easily and quickly to adjust the machine.

Technical Parameter:

型号 Type


最大覆贴尺寸 Max.covering size


最小覆贴尺寸 Min.covering size


机械最高速度 Machinery highest speed


最大堆高 The max height of stacking


电机功率 Electric machine power


占地尺寸 Area


包装尺寸 Packaging

1970*2000*1000mm 4580*1980*1520mm

重量 Weight



主机电机 Mianframe Motor

上海黎达 Shanghai Lida

漩涡气泵 Vortex Pump

上海恒力牌 Shanghai Hengli

伺服驱动器 Servo Driver

英威腾 INVT

接触器 Contactor

施耐德(法国) SCHNEIDER(French)

可编程控制器PLC  PLC

松下(台达牌) Panasonic(Delta)

液位开关 Liquid Level Switch

松凌(台湾) CKC(Taiwan)

开关电源 Switching power supply


主机变频器 The host inverter

台达牌(台湾) Taiwan Delta

压输平台变频器 Pressure platform inverter

台达牌(台湾) Taiwan Delta

压输平台马达电机 Pressure platform motor

台湾台邦牌 Taiwan GPG

压输皮带 Transfer press belt

意大利(合资) Italy(joint venture)

同步轮 Synchronous wheel

同步带 Synchronous belt

宁波贝递(合资) Ningbo Beidi

(joint venture)

整机链条、链轮 The host chain,sprocket

朝和牌(中日合资) CHOHO (Sino-Japanese Joint venture)

轴承 Bearing

瓦、哈、洛(三大厂) WTJB, HRB,LYC