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CZXY-Semi-auto Press Type Folder Gluer Machine

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Use and characteristics

Press gluer machine is SHENGSEN company according to customer need the latest development of small and medium-sized ordersIt has small volume covers an area of less easy operation without experience: very suitable for small batch production and kinds of replacement of the productapplicable scope: ordinary carton, special color carton boxsheet forming glue, installed automatic spray glue device can do Hook kick carton and Heaven and earth cover carton .Save glue: glue dosage equivalent to 1/3 of the manual glue, provincial artificial,Machine the highest speed of 56 meters per minute, efficiency is 3-4 times of manual operation, adhesion strong, neat don't spill glue;Patent double grinding apparatus can very good will be glue stick relay, lifted a cardboard-box factory in some seasons does carton easy to glue problem, the machine with manual folding while improve the work efficiency, also bad used throughout the automatic processing of indentation line is not straight, special shaped products with paper Windows.


A  When the machine arrived at the designated place, please your attention to the

following work.

1.Check the machine parts in the process of transportation damage

2.Mechanical during transport, handling should pay attention to handle with care,

to avoid severe shock and vibration to the machine, so as not to affect the

mechanical precision and life

3.Before the installation of the machine, you need to refer to the machine and

relevant sizes, check the choice place good location, size and location.

B. The installation of the machine

1.The machine in accordance with the requirements for installation

location plan in place, and then adjust the machine level level is

not more than The machine in accordance with the requirements for

installation location plan in place, and then adjust the machine

level level is not more than + / - 1.5 mm..

2.Clear inside the machine all sundry, tighten the attachment to check

all fasteners for loosening and fixed

3.And tell the host reliable grounding power supply is

connected.Terminals in F control box electric in the box below

On trial order

A. According to chapter 5 of this manual for safe use and the matters needing attention, check whether the machine parts for safety state, and make the corresponding adjustment (paper paste clearance between wheel and other main components and pressure wheel size, paper planes, to have tape without friction).Make sure there's no problem in power after the ministries

B .Boot sequence

1.Put through power supply, close the electricity in the air switch, open 1 power supply total lock.

2.Check whether the 4 urgent stop switch is reset, press 3 switch operation indicator

3. adjust 6 host control knob and start the machine works.

4.Press 7 pressing speed switch to mobilize knob pressing operation

The operation and adjust of the machine

1.First according to the length of the cardboard adjust the position of the good B cardboard frame in adjust C block according to the thickness of the cardboard paper cutter, then loosen B tension wheel transfer the lever to tape, adjust to the position of tape again on D when tight tight round to mobilize pole;According to the board size and adjust A warp degree of top roller;Paper can be fed smoothly.

2.Adjust H delay unloading a ship position, adjust delay unloading a ship and according to the thickness of the cardboard pressure, adjust the location of the grinding paper E.

3.Roller pressure: adjust F paste barrel pressure wheel pressure and position.

4.Into paper adjustment N photoelectric position, make the paper easy to receive discount but not free fall.