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CZXY-1700 Type 1-4 Rolls Servo Drive High Speed Computer Paper Cutting Machine

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I. Functional features and technical parameters

一.Functional features:

1.The machine adopts high quality Taiwan touch screen control. Simple and reliable operation, intuitive display. Realize the automatic or manual change without stopping, the mechanical and electrical integration design. Paper receiving is neat, with the front side and the left and right beating, there are counting and automatic plug device. Computer control automatic operation, high efficiency, high precision, high degree of automation.

2.Adopt the Shanghai AIS servo motor drive.

Features: high energy density, compact structure, lower inertia, high dynamic response characteristics. Characteristics of low speed and big torque and synchronization function. Excellent servo performance can be achieved. Save energy.

3.Drive adopt Germany Kobe.

4.The blade adopts steel welding blade, made in Taiwan, shear force is small, the efficiency is high, the cutter shaft structure design is reasonable, long service life of blade (up to one year).

5.Knife shaft with the national standard 45#, has been tempered, never deformed.

6.Fast speed, cut off sheet of paper without burr; low noise, long life.

二.Technical parameters:

Model:1400-1700 Economic TypeRollerServo Driven Computer RollPaper Cutting Machine

1.Design speed:350m/min

2.Economic speed:160m-300m/min

3.Working width:1400mm-1700mm

4.Cutting machine length: about 12 meters (specific length to the foundation drawings)

5.Paper cutting precision: + 0.2mm

6.Cutting paper length::400mm-1500mm

7.Cutting thickness: 50g-500g/ square meters

8.Paper height: 1500mm

9.Touch screen: Taiwan Weilun

10.Blade adopt high speed steel (Japanese material), can use a long time.

11.Machine center height: 1700mm

12.PLC can be stored order 20-200

13.Blade length: 1750mm

14.Color: pure white, orange (or user choice)

15.Controller:Germany Kobe

16.Total motor power: about 20KW

17.Production speed:300M/Min.

18.Warranty: 12 months since the user's normal use

19.The main bearing bearing: Japan NSK bearings .

Seat bearing:Zhejiang Jinrun

II. Introduction:

A.1400-1700 Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

一.Technical parameters:

1.Mill Roll Stand Drive: Driven by hydraulic

2.Clip paper range:(working width) The max.: 1700 mm; the min.: 500 mm

3Clip paper diameter: The max.:1500mm; the min.: 350mm

4.Unilateral maximum load: Maximum 2000 kg

5.Main shaft diameter:200mm

6.Air source working pressure MPa):0.6---0.9Mpa

7.Work power: voltage 380 v    frequency:50 HZ

8.Machine main power3.7kw

9.Overall dimension :3550×1600×1650L×W×H

二.Hydraulic system parameters

1.Working pressureMPa): 1216 MPa

2.The hydraulic cylinder work scope (swing):φ100mm×420mm

3.The hydraulic cylinder diameter (clamp):φ63mm×650mm

4.Hydraulic Station motor power: 3.7kw    continuous working

5.Hydraulic station electromagnetic valve working voltage:Taiwan Shengtian oil research

. Structural features

Symmetrical structure can be installed at the same time cut two rolls of original paper.

adopts hydraulic drive to complete the lifting, clamping, loosening and moving of the base paper.

Iron clip taper head, adapted to any roll paper.

Tension control using multi-point braking, automatic tension control, save labor, save time and effort.

四.Main components, raw materials producing place:

1.Rock main shaft adopts high quality thick wall seamless steel tubediameter:Ø200      Origin:Jinan

2.Clamp arm adopt :HT200casting  Origin:Hebei

3.Main girder connect box iron:160mm  Original:Jinan

4.The main bearing bearing: Japan NSK bearings, Seat bearing:Zhejiang Jinrun

5.Electric Equipment: Zhejiang CHINT

6.Pneumatic component:Air Tac  Original:Taiwan

7.Hydraulic series:Taiwan Shengtian oil research

B.Cutting department:

The front part model adopt light alloy mist roller, the design of a reasonable frame, to ensure the paper flat.

C.Output department

Back part of delivery is divided into three sections: the first section is high-speed transmission, make the cutted white paperboard separate from the knife shaft quickly. The second section slow transmission, make the white paperboard stacking moving.The third section is rapid transmission, make the white paperboard to enter the stacking department quickly. Between the first and second section of conveyor, equipped with a suction device, so that the white paper stack neatly stacked stacking.

The rear section is provided with two groups of paper pressing wheels, one of group can adjust the position according to the length of the paper cutting.

D.Stacking department

Stacking department installed with front flap, side flap and tailgate device. Front flap paper is electric mechanical swing device, the side paper is pneumatic vibration control valve, make the white paper stacking stacking neat appearance. The rear baffle device can adjust the position according to the length of the white board paper.

Stacking department installed with a plug device, automatic counting, insert label paper.