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ZYM-942*2600 printing folding gluing linkage line

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Full Automatic High Speed Printing Slotting Machine

一.Paper feeding function introduction:

1.The leading edge of the paper means the front of the board as the benchmark, the roller feed speed and the feed speed of the same. Not affected by the width of the board slitting, printing, die-cutting positioning accuracy.

2.Three axis roller front feed system, multi round, multi point air suction paper feeding, big friction, high speed, paper feeding smooth and accurate.

3.Six - axis roller - type non - pressure front feed system, multi - wheel multi - point air suction paper feeding. Free pressure front edge can be avoid the traditional leading edge of the shaft and the embossing of the axis of the board to cause cardboard thinning, the strength of the formation of cardboard boxes weakened, printing a large area of the layout of the problem, so that the effect of printing and carton quality further.

4.The wind frequency conversion adjusts the air volume, the high pressure centrifugal fan has a large amount of air, and can be used to adjust the air volume through the warp degree of the paper board, and the stability and the accuracy of the thin board and the warp board are increased.

5.Dust removal device: cleaning brush to remove cardboard surface debris, high pressure fan suction cardboard surface impurities. Improve printing quality.

6.Touch screen centralized control, each unit phase, automatic zero, order storage, erase memory

7.The side baffle position is electrically adjusted, input the length of the board, and the position of the baffle position are automatically adjusted. Equipped with automatic flush device.

8.The front baffle rise and down is adjusted by the turbine box, the handle of the instrument is provided with a scale, and the adjustment is convenient.

二.Printing function introduction:

1.The printing roller is made of high quality steel surface, the surface is plated with hard chrome, and the standard plate is added to increase the elasticity of the layout and enhance the printing effect.

2.Dynamic balance correction, smooth operation, suitable for high speed operation.

3.Ratchet fixed rolling plate shaft: with hanging plate slot, suitable for quick change plate.

4.High precision planetary wheel phase adjustment mechanism: dynamic and static can be adjusted 360 degrees, encoder control, accurate to 0.5MM.

5. Print version of the axial adjustment mechanism: input layout lateral error, automatic adjustment of the computer, save time, reduce the waste test machine.

6. A key back to zero: roll back to zero, easy to change the order operation, save time, reduce cardboard waste.

7. Pneumatic anilox roller type automatic lifting and down device, and automatic running device when stopping. When paper feeding, anilox  roller automatically decline, touch with printing plate. When stop feeding , anilox roller automatic rising and separate from plate, will automatically idle when not printing, prevent ink dry.

8. The ink press device is arranged between the anilox roller and the rubber roller, so ensures that the ink drop does not leak when the high speed starting operation, fundamentally solve the problem of traditional ink.

9.One key ink function: anilox roller and rubber roller automatic squeeze, diaphragm pump automatically open, easy to operate, improve work efficiency.

10.A key to wash ink function: When the work is finished, wash the rollers, take out the ink bucket ,replaced with the supernatant bucket, open a key to wash ink function. Can set the cleaning time and waiting time after cleaning. When the ink water is completely dry ,rubber roller loosen automatically, avoid forgetting loosen rollers clearance after work, damaged rollers trouble.

11.Separating automatic locking automatic memory function: When cleanning print plate during normal work, open the release / lock button printing group electromagnetic brake braking device, to prevent the dislocation, the memory function automatically open, use the foot switch unit with rotating plate location, clean layout, shut down the loosen/locking button, automatically return to the starting page position, save plate correcting time and reduce waste of board.

.Slotting function introduction:

1. Preset order: Can preset order according the requirements in the computer screen, simply enter the box length, width, height, angle cutting width, trimming width five datas to complete each data nearest return, data include

1Each color printing position

2Slotting position

(3)Box height position

(4)Box frontal width and side width

(5)Paper height and width

2. Data preservation: when processing the product data is correct, the current data can be automatically saved, ready for the next use; when used again automatically adjusted according to the instructions to save the regulation time, you can store orders 999.

3. The adjustment data can be adjusted individually, when the order function is not used, the data can be automatically run independently, and the adjustment time is reduced greatly.

4.Computer data correction: when the loss of the original data in the machine case, the user can directly modify the original data on the color screen, shorten the time for users to repair, which is convenient for users to use.

5. Can increase the remote terminal connection function, zero maintenance

6. when the company's software improvements, free upgrades within three years

7. Pre pressing wheel, forming wheel, cutter disc linkage control, linear guide rail and ball screw clearance clearance with the movement, smooth operation, pre pressure, forming cutter position synchronization, computer scheduling, a complete, accurate location.

四.Technical Parameter:



Mechanical maximum speedPcs/min


Max feeding sizemm


Min feeding sizemm


Feeding thicknessmm


Max printing sizemm


Standard printing thicknessmm


.Full automatic folding gluing linkage configuration list

Machine composition and operating principle

1. Automatic printing folding gluing linkage line consist of automatic paper department,paper feeding department, printing department, slotting die cutting machine unit, folding gluing department, calibration count output department, five parts.

2. This machine is made of high quality steel welding, Carefully processed and assembled.

3. This machine is used in conjunction with slotting department, and it is connected with the electrical control system of the printing department. When the printing unit starts running, the folding gluing unit starts

4. Automatic glue supply, circulating glue, never stop glue, no need to add glue by manual, save time and labor.

5. Stainless steel coated rubber wheel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, uniform glue, save glue, glue is about 1/3 of the amount of manual glue.

6. The folding part is provided with an adjustable line pressing wheel group, which makes the folding of the carton more smooth and more beautiful.

7. The counting department box has the advantages of stable accumulation, stable and accurate output, no error, digital control, simple operation and can input no need of stopping.

8.The machine can :processe three, five layer (2-9mm) corrugated cardboard boxes. The processing range is as follows:

The board Max size 2400-1000, the board Min size 600-260

160Carton length 800

80Carton width800

70Carton height1000

6.Technical Parameter:



2600 Type

Size A(mm)



Size B(mm)



Size C(mm)



Size D(mm)



Installation area(mm)






Machine weight(T)



六.Automatic strapping machine

1、Functions and feature
DBJ1200A model automatic strapping machine is mainly used in automatic strap after automatic stitching or automatic gluing, the machine includes turning, pat in order, pressurized strapping. Adopt PP strapping tape, firm, no rebound, less damage in paper edge. The whole process automatically finish, without human intervention, can save a lot of artificial cost. It’s first choice of packaging companies to reduce consumption and increase profit, such as printing plant, paper products factory.

2、Main structure

The machine is mainly composed of 4 units: receiving sheet turning unit, pat in order unit, conveying unit, and pressurized strapping unit.

3、Each unit main feature
1)receiving sheet turning unit
1.Smoothly receive former process cardboard conveying
2. Two-stage touch type turning, turn cardboard 90°corner.
2)Pat in order unit
1.Can adjust according to different specifications carton size.
2、Four directions automatically pat in order and positioning, and then convey.

3、Pat can effectively remove the scissors.

3)conveying unit

Convey carton smoothly after tidying, improve work efficiency

4)pressurized strapping unit
1、Pneumatic pressure to compact several cardboard.

2、PP tape automatic strapping, strap firm or elastic adjustable, paper edge damage is light.

3、Automatically adapt to the cardboard size

4、Photoelectric detection strapping position

5、Strapping 1 ~ 2 way, uses the knob switch.

6、Automatically convey after strapping.

(5) Working process

Receive sheet turning——→pat in order——→convey——→ pressurized strap——→finish conveying
4Technical parameters
1、 Equipment name: automatic strapping machine
2、 Model:1200
3、 Main technical parameter:
Max sheet size:1200×1200

Min sheet size300×400

Working speed:10pkg/min, 2strap/pkg
Machine dimension: 5800(L)×2300(W)×1800MM(H)