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CZXY-1200/1400 Manual Servo Stitching Machine

Working Video:


一.Stapling machine Introduction:

Another name of the machine is named Taiwan pedal high speed stapling machine, it is the most advanced and high-efficiency pedal stitcher. The machine adopted advanced  electromagnetic clutch and electronic brake device, it has the features of high-efficiency ,less energy consumption, electronic device, lower fault rate and easy operation, it is the ideal stapling equipment in the modern carton factory.

Main parts and configurations:

1. Imported electromagnetic clutch and brake device from Japan.

2. Labor-saving pedal switch from Taiwan.

3. Standard circuit control panel from Taiwan.

4. Inductive switch from Taiwan.

5. Imported tungsten steel molding bottom, diffusion knife from Japan.

6. Imported alloy steel wire cutters, punch, wiring gear, transmitting gear, transmitting main axis from Japan.

Specifications and features:


Box height(mm)

binding style

Ribbonfil type

Binding speed


Model A


45°double nail



370w/380v,customized acceptable