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CZXY-1200/1300/1500/1650 Semi-automatic die cutter

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I. Components and Features:

1. Paper feeding part: Pre code paper, paper feeding platform, pneumatic bench.

Pre code paper: Cylinder sliding angle aluminum, easy and fast to operate. The operator needs to put the processed paper into the pre-code paper trolley, and put the trolley back to paper feeding platform to continue the next working when the paper sets the lower limit.

Paper feeding platform: Automatic rising step distance can be set according to the paper amount, the operation is easy and fast. With the characteristics of shorter feeding distance and low labor intensity.

Pneumatic bench: The operator stand on the working platform, pneumatic adjusting the height of machine according to different height of operator, easy to operate, saving time and effort.

2. Positioning part: the front guide, the side guide.

Front guide: The overall swing front swinging side guide have a small impact on the paper edge, high positioning precision, with four sets of precision fiber switch(Taiwan Riko brand) to check paper in place and avoid paper wasting.

Side guide: You can choose side guide based on different products, no need to replace components, easy and quickly to adjust.

3. Die cutting part: grippers, die cutting sheet frame, die cutting steel plate, transmission structure, host bottom platform, the moving platform and the upper platform, intermittent structure, pneumatic clutch brake.

Die cutting pressure can overall regulating and can also front gripper edge regulating separately, manual reducer is convenient and labor saving.

Grippers: The grippes are made of high strength of hard aluminum alloy precision casting, with good rigidity, light material, small inertia, high strength, can accurately and smoothly transfer paper in high speed running. Unique gripper front guide, die cutting double positioning and running curve of cam, low noise, high precision and last durable, gripper edge is only 6 mm.

Die cutting sheet frame: The double reinforcement of die cutting sheet frame adopts pneumatic locking and rolling bearing guide rail, high safety, easy operation.Hard aluminum alloy floating plate, die cutting sheet frame with hanger plate, makes a plate positioning exactly and strong, and can be reuse, can effectively prevent the die-cutting plate prolapsing and breakaway.

Transmission structure: New transmission design makes the high speed precision die cutting. The main drive adopts worm gear and specialized designed crankshaft connecting rod structure, the bearing bush connection will reduce the movement space, avoid the impacting of worm gear and worm, high die-cutting pressure, have the function of high pressure. The 4 corners of moving platform is equipped with decompression buffer spring and reduce machine wearing, makes the machine running more steady.

4. Paper collecting part: Collecting paper automatically and quantitatively.

Back aligning paper, side aligning paper to ensure the automatic paper feeding orderly, the structure of paper collecting machine is simple, quick operation. Back aligning paper adjusted by electric, three times faster than the manual operating, the operation is simple and convenient.The operator can monitor the back aligning paper in front of machine.Back aligning paper equips with double detection switch to monitor paper in order. It can also take samples when machine running.It will alarm automatically when paper collecting reach the order to remind the operator replace the paper collecting platform.

Quantitative paper: Can set the arbitrary value from 10 to 9999, it will off automatically when the paper reaches the set value.

5. Electric control part: Motor, PLC and man-machine interface, electronic control system, all kinds of safety protection device.
Motor: With imported Fuji inverter stepless speed control motor,makes the main motor saving energy, low noise. The paper feeding and collecting reducer motor choose imported Taiwan electromagnetic braking deceleration motor, with high safety performance, long service life and low running noise.

PLC and human-machine interface: Digital display the machine working speed and status, the main motor is controlled by frequency converter, stepless speed controlling makes the running more steady. Man-machine interface display system can display all kinds of working conditions, fault location timely and proposed solutions.

6. Lubrication system: Forced lubrication system and timing lubrication system.
Forced lubrication system: Oil pressure and flow rate adjustment is convenient, make sure that the main drive oil supply normally and will not off machine when running.

Timing lubrication system: Connected with the programmable controller of host, makes the lubricating function control automatically. Transmitting chain lubricated by oil brush and has oil shield to keep machine cleaning, cal also do oil lubricating quantitatively and timing, avoid machine damage because of manual feeding lacking. The timing lubricating system not only reduce the machine noise, but also ensure the machine running steady.

II. Technical Parameters:





Die cutting way

Platen press

Max paper transmitting size


Min paper transmitting size


Max die cutting size


Min gripper size


Max die cutting pressure


Paper processed

Ivory board

200-2000g/ m²

Corrugated board

8mm(max thickness)

Die cutting precision


Max die cutting speed

4500 sheets/h

Max feeding pile height

1400mm(above the level)

Min feeding pile height

1200mm(above the level)

Total power


Total weight

13 T

Overall size

4200*2200*2250mm(Not Including Pedal)