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CZXY-1080/1100/1200 Full automatic die cutter

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Product standard configuration and function

1. Paper feeding part:

* This product is patented technology using feeder suction type feeding system. The corrugated board is fed to the paper feeding roller, the feeding roller And the paper feeding belt is controlled by a servo motor, so that the board can reach the front gauge after being buffered to ensure the accurate positioning of the paperboard.In addition, the paper feeding part adopts the upper air suction paper feeding system to realize the relative static and prevent the paper from scratch

* Advanced bilateral push and gauge positioning mechanism adopts cylindrical cam control, high precision and quick adjustment

* Feeding system with strong suction, suction and flat paper paper, suction air volume can be adjusted continuously on the bending of paper .The board has a good adaptability, paper feeding more stable.

* Imported paper conveyor belt, to ensure the smooth delivery of paper, paper does not scratch.

* High torque servo motor pump, the speed curve of feed, paper to ensure accurate positioning, smooth edge

* Super wear-resistant polyurethane feeding wheel, can ensure the paper deformation in the feeding process, not broken.

* Bellows unique control mechanism, to ensure accurate delivery of the paper. Semi automatic die-cutting machine for manual paper feeding.

2. The Department of the host:

* Pressure parts for high strength ductile iron QT500-7, special casting process, high strength, never deformation

* Japan imported advanced alloy steel crankshaft treated by special process

* Germany SEW manufacturing super wear worm gear, worm

* The precise pressure regulating system is easy to adjust when the machine is running

* Four cubits linkage design load overweight (pendulum shaft diameter 70*240) cutting pressure, small abrasion

* Variable frequency motor drives imported worm gear, worm, so that the machine running smoothly, low noise

* Unique side positioning design, so that each row of teeth row in a positioning line

* Tooth row positioning compensation mechanism to ensure the stability of die-cutting precision

* Adjustable front and rear positioning system, accurate positioning, easy adjustment

* The scissors cutting of the movable table makes the die cutting pressure uniform and the pressure is large

* Germany imported torque limit over cutting protector, to avoid the damage to the machine caused by emergencies, to ensure the safety of the use of machinery and personnel safety

* Convenient and quick knife plate turnover device

* Powerful oil supply lubrication system, main chain microcomputer control automatic intermittent lubrication

* Italy BOGAO Cologne 210 degrees precision intermittent mechanism drag seven rows of teeth were running smoothly, high precision and low noise

* Italy OMPI imported pneumatic clutch device

* Double high speed rotary joint

* Japan Tsubakimoto chain teeth, high strength, long service life

Pneumatic locking plate device

* Super hardness high strength titanium alloy tooth row 7 sets

*Of  tooth row in a group, a piece of steel plate, plate frame combination of 1 sets, 1 sets of hand turning wrench.

3. Receiving department:

* Automatic paper packing device to ensure the paper stack

* Equipped with pneumatic automatic vice paper, can be safe and convenient for non-stop paper work

* Main chain protection device

* Anti back paper device

Through the photoelectric detection switch, the automatic control of the paper collecting stack is automatically controlled

4. Main specifications:




Max. paper size(mm)



Min. Paper size(mm)



Max. Die cutting size(mm)



Min. size of gripper edge(mm)



Max. Die cutting pressure(N/ cm3)



Thickness of processing paper(mm) -cardboard



Thickness of processing paper(mm) –Corrugated paper



Die cutting precision(mm)



Max. speed(Sheet/hour)



Max height of feeding paper(mm)

1100(above the level)

Max. height of paper collection(mm)

1100(above the level)

Total Power(kw)