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CZXY-780PC Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

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Mchine parts:

Brief introduction:

Useful - 780 PC for multi-function machine, mainly used in the paper, CARDS and E.b c 3. 5 layer wave lines corrugated 2,4 folder, hook type, the machine change more diversity, debugging is simple, easy to operate and convenient. The machine configuration correction pre-assembled folding hook device, make it easier for when open the box, the whole machine with positive and negative four sets of hook, the configuration of UV edge grinding edge grinding at the same time, make the glue can be more effective bonding box, using gettering paper powder device used with edge grinding device, make the quality more perfect, fully meet the needs of the humanized operation.


1. The synchronous belt wheel is used in the main drive system, to ensure smooth operation, and precision ratio.

2. The main motor adopts double frequency control, stable provinces.

3. Each guide with tooth bar adjustment (high models use motor electric adjustment), an accurate, simple and convenient.

4. To the paper which is based on multiple thickening belt vibration motor (high equipped machines equipped with suction hole), continuous smooth to paper.

5. Unique three board folding (based on model matching), to the paper to be more accurate.

6. Upper and lower gluing POTS each in the two groups, the sample can complete all kinds of box gluing function.

7. Using photoelectric counter, playing paper device, accurate counting.

8. Sending department pressure with sample adjustment, ensure perfect quality

1, the range of commodities, goods, quantity:

Commodity name: high-speed automatic hook paste box machine

Specifications: useful - 780PC

2, technical parameters:

useful - 780 PC specification

Adapted papaer

Feeding type

Box gluing speed(Max)

Box making wide

Machine dimension (L * W * H/M)


Total weight

Motor power

Paperboard, mountE B, Somehow the lines corrugated board

automatically and continuously

350 m/min

580 * 750 mm,



7 T


part B:

The machine Is divided into: for paper, at the bottom of the hook, the hook, bottom stick, the folding, pressure, transmission.

Feeding Department: (1), to the paper by nine 30 mm wide tape with vibrating motor; 10 mm metal plate lateral move set width, the output of paper belt; Left and right side baffles, cooperate with the product style to mobilize around; To match 3 knife paper department, according to the sample length asymmetry; Vibration motor speed according to the vibration plane into out: as a whole to cooperate to complete simple rapid continuous automatic right to paper; With stepless adjusting feed distance.

(2), Crash-lock Bottom department : the front before spraying line pressing device with paper suction positioning system, based on the principle of the die cutting indentation design, accurate to second line pressure, make the grooved flat piece of paper (does not affect the compressive strength) to prevent dislocation rob pit super line when making a box, etc., make it easier to open the box.

(3), Folding department: this department with the bottom of the 50 mm and 60 mm wide is caught, the fourth line around 180 degrees full combination idler pulley according to different position adjustment to match the folding boxes more smoothly, below the bearing support guide belt running correctly.

(4), pressure department: turn the adjustable length from top to bottom, with the belt elastic automatic adjusting system, continuous automatic product box ensures that box neatly into the transportation department, electrical counter, playing board and device, automatic spray with free pressure system and the pressure pipeline system.

(5), transport department: the independent 900 mm wide, 4 mm thick belt soft moderate, imported from Taiwan and is equipped with pneumatic pressure, can be adjusted according to the carton (box) to ensure pressure requirements, finished product, not crushed before and after the whole transportation department can move, balanced pressure, tidy and delivery to ensure the perfect quality, transport department speed according to the host running speed with light electric automatic adjustment, also can choose manual operation mode and speed, composed a set of functional rubber wheel device.

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