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(Design speed 100m/min,Production Speed 80m/min)

1.Electric Mill Roll Stand

►Structure and Features :

1,Symmetrical structure,can carry two kraft paper at one time,which can work without brake.

2,Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition operated by electric mechanic.feeding kraft / reel paper quickly.

3,Brake: pneumatic brake, simple & useful.

►Spec of stand :

1, Reel Stand driven by electric

2, Kraft paper range:

Width: Max: 1400mm        Min:700mm

Diameter: Max: Φ1400mm

Max Weight:2000Kg(One side)

2.280mm Fingerless Type Single Facer

►Spec of stand :

1.48CrMo high quality alloy steel,rigidity HRC60°

2.Through hardening and tempering→inside hold boring→roller heading connecting→weld→tempering to low the stress→ meticulous turning→rough grinding→mid frequeney induction hardening→Nc meticulous grinding→chrome plating.

3.(U/V) ACBE as customer’s requirements

3.Preheater Ø 600mm

►Common Spec:

1, Working Width: 1400mm

2, Diameter of the Preheater cylinder:Φ600mm

Preheating adjusting area by electric: 360°

Diameter of the roller for Preheating adjusting area by electric:Φ85mm


►Structure and Features:

1, Glue rollers’ surfaces are annealed, inside hold processed, with dynamic balanced.

The surface is grinded and carved reticulated mottles, glue balance and cost less

2, The glue rollers’ turning is controlled by frequency variable motor& frequency variable controller. With frequency variable controller, the glue rollers’ speed can follow the double facer or by himself.

3, To prove the nice glue water and do not waste, we adopts auto recycle glue supply, with glue amounts effective controlled, to avoid the glue to become sediment, auto track glue amount.

4, All the rollers surfaces are grinded then chromed plated.

5, Up & down level glue is driven by one frequency variable motor.

5.Conveying Bridge

►Spec of stand :

1, The Main Frame is connected with channel steel, and angle steel.

2, With Protecting Handrail on both sides and safety pedal, the operation side is installed with safety ladder, to make sure the safety and convenience of the worker.

3, PVC feeder belt to transport the single or double face corrugated sheet with corrugated type.

4, Vacuum suction tension control, suction pipe(140mm) with adjusting valve,draw fan power can be adjusted freely.

5, Electric to correct the position of feeding( two sets),correct parts are driven by fast and accuracy to position, steady to move.

►Common Spec:

Working Width:1400mm

2, Operation Direction: Left or right(decided by the workshop of customer)

6.Double Facer Drying Machine

►Spec of stand :

1, Hot Plates’ surfaces is grinded and then chromed plated, 9pieces of hot plates, cold shaping part:4m length.

Hot plates are made by container plates, can pass the national first level pressure container standards

2, Hot plates adopts the compressed gravity press rollers structure.

3, Press rollers’ lifting up and down are driven by pneumatic structure.

4, Up convey belt left and right correct by auto with both sides, tension adjusting system:2 sets; down belt manual small amount adjust.

5, Drive part,gear oil drown lubricating type.

6, Main drive motor: Variable frequency motor, high force when low speed start, high speed adjusting range, steady to use,easy to mend.

7.Electric Slitter Scorer

►Structure and Features:

1,  Adopt the scheduled pressure paper feeding which is stably.

2,  Adopt thin knife separate cutting (The thickness is only 1 mm.). To make sure the separate-cut corrugated board smooth and tiny, we installed with automatic and hand grinding wheel grinding to keep the blade edge sharp.

3,  After pre-pressing, separate cutting and creasing the paperboard to accomplish the requirement of the product. The pressed trace does not arouse the trace tearing phenomenon.

4, Thin Blades Slitting, Scorers creasing

8.NC Cutter

►Structure and Features:

1, Cutting length:500mm-9999mm.

2, Cutting precision:±1mm.

3, Uses the independent oil pump and the filter coordinates two groups of copper tubes to distribute in various gears position for the oil,the lubrication and cooling.

4, Helical knife structure,type sawtooth knife,decrease cutting obstruction,low noise.

5, Balance treatment:high quality alloy steel for blade shaft,which helps to keep it good  stability.

6, Sun-shape wheels press cardboard in the front and the rear conveyer.The transporting is stable and with even pressure,which avoid jam caused or broken cardboard.

7, This type of Cut-off just consume the one of third energy compare with the common cutter with its especial structure,economize above 70% energy to get more money.

8, Exact and adjustable on gap gear assure knife-edge joggle exactly.running balanceable.

9,Computer system to keep order. Man-machine conversation system NC. automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specification and maching.The screen display various production message.Can consult,modification,superaddition and cancel order during running machine.

9. Stacker

►Structure & Features:

1, Weld by 14 # channel steel, electric to adjust the size of the board, pneumatic to control the the output on transverse direction, output speed can be adjusted electrically.

2,  Corrugated sheet can be controlled output by foot switch when the mount or height of stacking corrugated sheet reaching the needs.