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Full Automatic CZXY-1300B/1450B/1650B Flute Laminaror

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Our company manufacture professionally BZJ series of Automatic Flute Laminator used for printing and packaging industry on the cardboard to cardboard, corrugated to cardboard for fluting, the application of corrugated are A, B, C, D, E, F, N treng , three, five, seven story can work, fluted a good flatness of the paper, high accuracy.
Well-known manufacturers of genuine products are adopted in the main parts of machine, It is long life, good stability. The world's well-known brands products are adopted in electrical parts, imported bearings is adopted in the key parts, to ensure the stability of the whole performance.
Machine with good stability and accuracy of the mounted, easy use, low wear and tear, saving time, the advantages of easy maintenance


Automatic Flute Laminator Size

Automatic Flute Laminator Parts Introduction
Surface Paper Feeding Part
The Feeding device made in Taiwan ensures that the feeding of surface paper is smooth and accurate.

Surface Paper Conveying Part
Unique central gear made of wear-resistant PU rubber cooperating with conveying belt ensures stability and smoothness of conveying, which is adaptive for different sheets of different thickness without any abrasion for the printing surface.

Alignment System of  Surface Paper
Synchronous sheet pusher particularly designed ensures that the surface paper and bottom paper enter the pasting part at the same time. It can be fine adjusted during the course of working.

Bottom Paper Feeding Part
Imported suction feeding device with punching belts ensures stable feeding at high speed. It is suitable for cardboard heavier than 300g/m2, corruggated boards of A,B,C,D,E,F,N and three, five or seven layers.

Bottom Paper Conveying Part
Synchronous sheet pusher particularly designed ensures the stable and accurate conveying of cardboards heavier than 300g/m2, and corrugated boards of A,B,C,D,E,F,N and three, five or seven layers.

Driving System
Imported wear-resistance timing belt, belt wheels cooperating with sheet pusher, adjustment system and alignment mechanism ensures a paste tolerance of ±1.5mm and reduction of torn sheet.

Adjustment System
Fine regulator completely manufactured in Japan is adopted, which actualizes the adjustment of pasting tolerance during the course of working with high speed, thus improving the working efficiency.

Electrical Control Part
All the electrical power adopted the worldrenowned brands, steady and dureable, frequency speed govering, lower noise and energy conservation.

Adding Glue and Gumming System
Automatic adding glue system detects by electrically operated fluid controller and adds gule automatically during the course of pasting. The thickness of glue is adjustable according to paper. Recycling system of glue avoids a waste of glue and swinging glue, and ensures accurate and tidy laminating.Unique applied anilox roller glues evenly, even suitable for cardboards and cardboards.