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YFQ 1650*2600 Two Color Printing Slotting Machine

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Use and characteristics:

The machine can be composed of two color, three color, four color, five color printing slotting machine, while a complete printing, slitting, creasing, slotting, corner cutting process, and the aircraft in the absorbing advantages of similar products on the basis of new design, with beautiful appearance novel, compact, high-definition printing, the chromatic error is small, convenient, accurate adjustment, the gear gap-free transmission, and can achieve 360 degree adjustment of the non-stop printing drum electric phase ,slotted parts of the 360 degree adjustment and is equipped with a synchronous spatula. Aircraft lift version of both manual and pneumatic structure, pneumatic structure can be realized pneumatic ink and ink roller and printing plate automatic inking and detachment to improve the operating speed, the aircraft is equipped with a manual phase position and electric phase position, 360degree adjustment phase position, the ink won’t be dry and condensation, improve the life of the net roller and rubber roller. It is ideal and advanced printing equipment in carton industry.

Equipment name:YFQD54060-2600 two-color printing slotting machine

Feeding type: chain feeding

Case height adjusting type: manual

Sidesway adjusting type: manual Printing precision:±1.25mm(uniform velocity)

Max coverage paper area:2800mm*1650mm(length*width)

Effective printing area:2600mm*1650mm(length*width)

Min printing width:360mm Mechanical design speed:60p/min

Economic speed:40-50p/min

Equipment total power:8kw Main power:4.0kw

Configuration :

㈠Printing unit:

Printing precision:±0.5mm

1.Printing roller

⑴External diameter is Ø528mm(diameter is Ø540mm including plate)

⑵Surface grinding, hard chromium plating.

⑶Dynamic and static balance correction, smoothly operation.

2.Printing pressing

⑴ External diameter is Ø164mm

⑵ Grinding, hard chromium is plated on steel tube surface.

⑶ Dynamic and static balance correction, smoothly operation.

⑷ Printing press roller gap adopts digital electric adjustment, and adjust scope is 0-12mm.

3. Metal Anilox Roller

⑴External diameter is Ø180mm

4. Rubber Roller

⑴ External diameter is Ø164mm

⑵ Corrosion resistance rubber is wrapped on steel tube surface.

⑶ Rubber roller is grinded specially, ink transfer effect is good.

5. Phase adjusting mechanism

⑴ Planetary gear structure.

⑵ Digital display type phase instructions, operation more convenient, intuitive and accurate.

⑶ Printing adopts electric digital 360 degrees adjustment accordingly (run or stop can also be adjusted), phase modulation precision can reach 0.15 mm

6. Ink circulation

⑴ Pneumatic diaphragm pump, ink-supplying stably, make it simple to operate and maintain.

⑵ Adopts ink -saving cleaning device, can save the ink effectively.

⑶ Ink filter, can filter impurities.

7. Axial adjusting mechanism

⑴ Manual type axial adjusting mechanism.

⑵ Digital display type position indicator, make the operation more convenient, intuitive and accurate.

㈡ Slotting unit:

1.The knife dish slot configuration Slotting precision: ±1.5mm clearer burr :

⑴Diameter of axle is Ø110mm, after two times of grinding, hard chromium is plated on surface, moving smoothly.

⑵ Adjustment scale turbine box line pressing wheel clearance, adjust scope is 0-12mm Slotting knife holder transverse adjusting mechanism

⑴Diameter of axle is Ø156mm, bedplate diameter is Ø280mm, after two times of grinding, hard chromium is plated on surface, moving smoothly

⑵Slotting knife width is 7mm

⑶Alloy tool stainless steel material is dealled by heat, grinding tooth slotting knife, trimming knife, with good hardness and toughness,also high precision Slotting phase adjusting mechanism: planetary gear structure

㈢ Transmission gear

1.Main Transmission gear

⑴Thickness of wheel gear is 50mm, using (HT150) ball mill steel, carburizing heat treatment

⑵The precision is Grade6-7, hardness is 58-62 degree, life time can last 20years.

⑶Dealed with finish-milling and processing, reduces the machine noise , keep machine operate smoothly

2.The key link By free key link, can make the shaft connected to the gear, there will be no gap when working, make Installation and maintenance more convenient, can make the machine for a long time the high precision, ensure the printing alignment.

㈣ Rack Unit

1.Wallboard is 40mm solid, 160 joist steel tiepiece, make the machine run smoothly.

2.The thickness of working table is 3mm.

3.Walking is 40 mm solid cold drawn roll.

4.Ground rack is cast iron, make machine work more smoothly.